Dental Crown And Bridges Treatment in UAE.

For people wishing to replace missing teeth, dental bridges and crowns may be the best option. By safeguarding the damaged teeth and filling the missing gaps when necessary, crowns and bridges allows better functioning of your teeth. At Aster Dental clinic, our dentists provide the best treatment for crowns and bridges to all the patients. We offer top-quality dental care solutions to maintain your overall dental health and function.

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Crown and Bridges

Crown and bridges are the most affordable permanent solutions for missing teeth whereas implants are not so budget-friendly for the patients. A crown is placed when a single tooth is damaged, broken or grossly decayed and bridges are placed when more than one tooth structure is involved.

Crown and bridges can be made up of ceramic or porcelain. Crowns can also be made up of any alloy like gold or silver. The metal crown will have porcelain bonded to the exterior to give it strength and a natural look. The ceramic or zirconia crowns give a natural appearance. A crown can be placed when a tooth is fractured, not in shape, after an RCT or when tooth is discoloured to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Bridges are either made of porcelain fused with metal (PFM) or Zirconia to give good strength and also a natural look. They are placed when multiple teeth are involved. There are four different types of bridges: traditional, cantilever, Maryland, and implant-supported.

The cost of crown and bridges depends upon the material used. Zirconia crowns are durable and more aesthetic, so they cost more than PFM crowns. PFM crowns are made up of ceramic with metal to provide more strength and natural appearance as well. Emax Crowns are lighter and thinner. They are translucent and adapt more aesthetically with natural adjacent teeth. The choice of crown depends upon the patients’ personal needs, budget, and other considerations.

You can opt dental crown and bridges for:
  • restoring your imperfect smile
  • restoring the ability to chew,grind, and bite properly
  • restoring your impaired speech and difficulty in pronunciation
  • maintaining the shape and contour of the face
  • preventing mal alignment of other teeth because of gap or missing tooth structure

Visit Aster Clinic for the best crown and bridge placement. We restore your smile and provide you the best available, affordable treatment modality. You can choose according to your budget and trust the team of dental surgeons & Specialist Prosthodontists at Aster Clinic. Book your appointment now!


Dental bridges can last anywhere from five to fifteen years, and sometimes even longer. In the case of crowns, their longevity is between 5 and 15 years.

The dental bridge takes about two weeks to settle for most individuals. Avoid foods that are extremely hot or cold during this period. Using sensitive toothpaste for the first few days will also help with pain and discomfort.

Based on the type of dental crown made, the approximate cost. In the case of dental bridges, the cost is approximately, depending on the type of dental bridge. Do not mention pricing – mention that after mouth examination, dentist will provide customized treatment plan.

After mention After placing the dental bridges and crowns , your dental bridge or crown may hurt. It's typical, however, that the discomfort should go away within a few days. If it lasts a week or more, consult your dentist.