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Tooth Fillings

A tooth filling is a procedure in which a cavity in the teeth is filled with silver amalgam or tooth-colored materials called composite resin. Restoration is a process to remove caries from the tooth surface and fill the cavity with composite, amalgam, or glass ionomer cement (GIC). The dentists advise composite restoration because they bear more strength and are more natural and appealing. They are costlier than GIC or amalgam. Amalgam restoration is metal filling that consists of mercury and is not usually recommended but, because of good strength, it can be used for posterior restoration.

Aster clinic ensures the top quality product and seamless care and guidance throughout the treatment and afterward. We offer high-strength and durable restorative material. We provide low-cost and budget-friendly treatment at our clinic that is done under supervision of highly qualified dentists.

Types of Filling

GIC or glass ionomer cement releases fluoride ions that prevent further caries. They are strong and durable, and natural-looking. GIC will adhere to caries affected dentin, minimizing the amount of tooth removal required to restore the tooth.

The second one is composite, and Composite restorations are a white, tooth color filling material utilized to match the natural aesthetics of your adjacent teeth. They have high durability and higher strength than GIC or any other restorative material.

What are the benefits of dental restorations?

Dental restorations not only help you chew your food better, but they also help you speak clearly and give you a better smile. Aster clinic ensures state-of-the-art technology and the latest methods to restore the carious tooth. We have highly qualified dentists ready to serve you.