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It's hard to live with missing teeth, and we do care about anyone living their life miserably with missing teeth, especially the elderly. We offer different types of good quality dentures that can help you get rid of your missing teeth. At Aster Clinic, the prosthodontists are well experienced and provide you with the best dentures that are flexible, non-breakable, and easy to use. There are three types of dentures available, these are complete denture, partial denture and implant-supported denture.

Complete Denture

This denture type is provided to a fully edentulous patient, i.e., when all teeth are missing. They are easy to remove and fix and can help you to improve your chewing, grinding and eating abilities that are otherwise impossible because of missing teeth.. The complete dentures may feel a little odd or loose at the beginning but will adapt to the oral environment gradually. The dentures should be cleaned and should be kept hygienic for long term use.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are used when one or more teeth are missing. Partial dentures are less expensive and can stay for a long time. The patient who wants a cheap yet optimal way to replace their missing teeth can choose partial dentures. Partial Dentures can be made up of strong plastic like material called acrylic or a flexible material which is more comfortable and adjusts well in the patient’s mouth.

Implant-Supported Dentures

They are effective and the best way to fill the gaps. They are life-like options for edentulous patients. In this, the dentures are supported by implants .Since it involves implant treatment , it will be expensive but long lasting and a more permanent solution.

How to keep dentures clean?

This is the fundamental question and demands the best answer. Dentists of Aster Clinic recommends cleaning the denture after every meal. Soak them in a cleaning solution after brushing or you can clean them in running water , soap solution and/ or a denture tooth brush. Keeping them moist avoids hurting soft oral tissues.

If you still have questions regarding complete denture, partial denture, or implants, you can consult our dentists at Aster Clinic. We provide the best dental guidance and help in town. You can trust us with our suggestions and treatment. We genuinely care for every patient and give the best available treatment according to your personal needs and budget.