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Invisalign is the latest and advanced technique in orthodontics. A clear aligner is so natural that you can't differentiate between natural teeth and braces. They are suitable for adults who are interested in a perfect smile and proper alignment of their teeth. Dental braces are recommended when there are issues of :

Our Core Values
  • Crowding/Haphazardly placed teeth which can lead to poor oral hygiene and can also be the reason for dental caries (cavities)
  • Improper bite that affects chewing efficiency
  • Crooked teeth can be a significant reason for periodontal problems such as bleeding gums, halitosis (bad breath), and tooth mobility (premature loss of teeth)
  • If the teeth are irregular, then this can cause calculus deposits leading to yellow teeth
  • Forwardly placed/proclined Teeth, which leads to a more convex profile and posteriorly displaced chin
  • Open bite
  • The spacing between teeth can cause speech problems

Clear aligners or invisaligns are highly comfortable and hygienic. They are natural-looking and aesthetic. They do not require braces or wires. They are preferred by adults whose topmost priority is aesthetics. Invisalign is costly, and so we have packages that can be paid for in 2-3 months. Invisalign is an entirely personalised and invisible solution for a picture-perfect smile. We offer world-class aligners and affordable solutions for your malocclusion. To know about invisalign more precisely, consult our top orthodontists now. Fix an appointment and get top-class dental services.

Clear Aligners Or Invisalign In Dubai

Invisalign is the most recent and advanced orthodontic procedure. You can't tell the difference between natural teeth and braces with clear aligners since it seems so natural. They are appropriate for adults who desire a beautiful smile and optimal tooth alignment. Get the best invisalign in Dubai at Aster.

Invisalign Center In Dubai

Clear aligners or invisaligns are extremely pleasant and hygienic. They have a natural appearance and are attractive. They do not necessitate the use of braces or wires. They are preferred by grownups who place a high value on appearances. Because invisaligns is expensive, we offer packages that can be paid for in as little as 2-3 months. Invisalign is a completely individualized and virtually undetectable method for achieving a picture-perfect smile. For your malocclusion, we provide world-class invisalign in Dubai at an economical price. Consult our expert orthodontists now to learn more about invisalign.


It is crucial that you avoid sugary and acidic foods and don’t expose your Invisalign to heat and air. Never use harsh and strong products to clear Invisalign. Also, follow regular oral hygiene, and keep your teeth and aligners clean at all times.

The length of your Invisalign treatment depends on the number of trays required to move your teeth into the desired position. Since your treatment is virtually mapped out ahead of time, we can predict approximately how many trays — and the length of time — you’ll need to complete treatment. A typical case may last anywhere between 12-18 months, but some are much shorter or longer, depending on the needs of the individual.

Thanks to advancements in 3D Invisalign technology, wearing invisible orthodontic braces is just as efficient — if not more so — than traditional treatment. Since your tooth movement is virtually mapped out in advance, we can streamline the process to limit your time in orthodontic appliances.

Clean your aligners twice a day with room-temperature water, a gentle antimicrobial soap, and a soft toothbrush. Do not use hot water, as it can warp the aligner. If there is heavier residue, use a denture cleansing tablet or Invisalign cleaning crystals to soak your tray.

Invisalign is a form-fitting orthodontic tray that places gentle pressure on your teeth. Each time you change your tray out with the next in the series, your tooth movement is progressed. The entire process is mapped out using 3D virtual imaging, which allows Invisalign to print custom- fitted trays instead of using fixed wires and brackets.