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Digital Smile Design

Aster Clinics is a leading chain of dental clinics in GCC with the best team of cosmetic dentists, knowledgeable and skilled specialists and friendly staff. We offer different treatment modalities for smile design which includes dental veneers cosmetic surgeries, dental implants, correction of malocclusion using dental braces by orthodontic treatments along with the latest technique i.e., digital smile design. Who doesn’t want to have a perfect smile, right? A flawless and beautiful smile is not just a wish but almost a need of this generation who are fond of selfies and clicking pictures for different social media platforms. Digital Smile Design is an innovative cosmetic dentistry procedure that gives you a perfect and unblemished smile; helps you gain back your lost confidence and powerfully face the world. Dental smile design is the latest procedure with several benefits and can prove to be the best available treatment modality for smile design.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design (DSD)
  • There are many types of digital smile design options available. The first advantage of using DSD is that you can visualize and predict the accuracy of final results before the treatment. The dentist can use the final product to educate and make the patient aware about the outcome.
  • The patients can design their smile, which ensures a more aesthetic and confident smile. This also helps in the active participation of patients during the entire procedure.
  • DSD improves the communication between a dentist and their patients. The information can be easily accessed, and there can be changes and the addition of extra components according to the patient's demand. Tooth shape, arrangement, and color can be modified according to the patient's expectations.
  • Patients can visualize and ask for computerized images and videos of their smile design before the treatment.

To know more about smile design or digital smile design, you can contact us or book your appointment now. Our experts are patient and kind to answer all your queries and give you the best guidance and dental care.


Smile design can endure for decades if you take good care of your teeth and gums and have dental checkups and cleanings.

Because there are no major side effects, digital smile design treatment is a safe process. However, during or after the gum bleaching procedure, may experience small or brief sensitivity issues.

The cost of a digital smile design treatment is expected to be depending on the features you wish to work on. Depending on the oral examination, cosmetic dentist will share a customized treatment plan.

No, the treatment for digital smile design is not painful. Only dental molds, HD video and photography, X-rays, and intraoral digital scanning are used during the procedure. This indicates that the procedure is both comfortable and fast.