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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Malocclusion, crooked teeth, damaged teeth or decayed teeth can require removal. Tooth extraction is the removal of a decayed or loose tooth from the socket, and this space can be filled with a crown or bridge or dental implant. Tooth extraction is a minor procedure that requires 30 minutes to an hour. Aster clinic is the leading dental clinic with top-notch facilities for tooth extraction. We ensure painless practice of dentistry under anaesthesia. The extraction procedure is based on several factors, for example a tooth in the front of the mouth that has a single straight root is easier to remove than a molar at the back that has several roots. Meanwhile, an impacted wisdom tooth that is below the gum surface is the most challenging to remove.

We offer two different types of tooth extractions at our clinic. The first is normal extraction that requires only forceps and elevators. Simple, loose or grossly decayed teeth can be removed with the help of normal extraction at a nominal price. The second is surgical extraction that requires drilling the bones because of the impacted or titled teeth. This need surgery, and it is an expensive process.

Need for extraction

Removal of the tooth is the last thought for the dentist, and usually, every dentist tries to conserve the tooth structure until and unless it's almost impossible to save the tooth. Tooth Extraction is needed when:

  • The tooth is grossly damaged or decayed and can't survive even after RCT
  • The tooth is mobile, grade 2 or 3 mobility
  • A severe case of periodontitis
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Stubborn baby tooth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • To correct malocclusion, i.e., during orthodontic treatment

Aster clinic has dedicated doctors and oral surgeons who work as a team to provide care and treatment impeccably. Our doctors have decades of experience in painless dentistry. We work as a team for improving your oral health. To know more about normal and surgical extraction, visit us now. Get in touch with us and schedule your appointment.